Student To Do List

  1. Read “EM student FAQs” on website prior to starting clinical shifts.
  2. Attend all Wednesday and Friday conferences at Jacobi (including during your Monte block). If working a shift that day, attend conference first then go to ER.
  3. Access Jacobi/NCB shuttle schedule on NBHN intranet site.
  4. Ties not necessary, however wear appropriate attire with white coat. Always wear ID.
  5. Contact Dr. Izzo at prior to starting at Montefiore.
  6. Contact Dr. Fenig at prior to your shift at Einstein/Weiler.
  7. Students will do a case presentation toward end of rotation. See “student requirements – clinical case competition” on website.
  8. There will be a test at the end of the rotation.
  9. This rotation is a sub-internship. Your patients are your responsibility. Complete all charts and sign out all patients (even those awaiting bed or discharge) at end of shift.
  10. Give an evaluation form to each attending you work with. A form for each hospital (JMC and MMC) can be printed from the student website. You can also ask the attending to fill out the online form.
  11. If you are not an Einstein student, please provide your school’s evaluation form by end of rotation.
  12. Ask questions. Be involved. The more you put in the more you will get out of the rotation. Enjoy!

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