People to Know at Jacobi

The nurses: The nurses wear teal colored scrubs.  There are many of them and it may be impossible to learn all of their names, but it’s a good idea to try. In any given zone (pink, blue, green, or yellow) there are usually two nurses who are in teal scrubs. When you put in an order for medications, you should always find the nurse to tell them as well. The nurses are responsible for starting IV’s, drawing labs, and administering all medications. They will also arrange for patients to go upstairs for various studies. If you would like to learn to put in IVs or draw blood, just ask the nurse.  They’ll be happy to let you try and if time permits, help you with it.

The PCAs: The PCAs (patient care assistants) wear blue scrubs and there is one for each zone. The PCA’s will perform EKG’s, fingersticks, basic vitals, as well as basic blood draws (but not IV lines). They will often help with bringing patients to X-ray or CT scan (although you can always help out by doing this yourself!). GYN exams always require a chaperone and the PCA will assist you with this.

The discharge clerk: The discharge desk is located in urgent care and is usually available from 8am to 11pm. She or he can help you make discharge appointments for patients as well as help answer any questions they may have about insurance and payment. After you have discharged a patient and given them their paperwork, you should always direct them towards the discharge clerk when she or he is available.

The desk clerk: The desk clerk sits between the green and yellow zones by the trauma bay and is responsible for answering the phone, and doing the paperwork required for admitting any patient. They are responsible for the “bed board,” which is a written list of all patients who are admitted and waiting for beds. During non business hours, the desk clerk will also arrange for patient transportation (ambulette or ambulance) as well as help patients make urgent appointments when there is no discharge clerk.

The social worker: Jacobi’s social work team is available from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and can help patients who are homeless, unable to afford their medications or victims of domestic violence. They have numerous resources and can be very helpful in a patient’s disposition at times. 3-5834