MMC People to know

The Attending: You will work directly with one attending during your shifts at Montefiore. Not only are the attendings responsible for the medical students, they are also responsible for patients seen by residents and PA’s and often see patients on their own as well.

The Residents: You will work alongside residents of all levels while you are in the ER. They will not be supervising you while at Monte, but are good sources for information on how to get things done.

The PA’s: Montefiore’s ER hires many physician assistants who will also see patients and present to the attending. They also know the system at Monte very well and can be very helpful.

The Nurses: The nurses at Montefiore are very fast and efficient and will often have drawn labs, ordered xrays, and started a patient on fluids before you have even seen them. All nurses wear light blue scrubs and their names can be found next to the patient’s name on the whiteboard. Whenever you write an order for a medication, please tell the nurse about it even if you have “flagged” the chart.

The Techs: The patient care technicians will help with EKG’s, blood draws, fingersticks, and various other tasks. There is a “tech board” in each zone where you may write the patient’s name, location, and what task you would like performed. You will most commonly be using this board to request a blood draw, in which case you must first order the lab, and then provide patient labels and indicate what color tubes. All PCT’s will be wearing maroon colored scrubs.

The Transporters: The transporters wear short white jackets and will be responsible for bringing patients to and from Xray and CT scan when the respective departments are ready. They may sometimes come up to you to ask where your patient is.

The Clerks: The clerks sit in the middle of the ER and are responsible for answering all phone calls, sending blood work, arranging transportation and transfers, and getting patients upstairs to their bed.

Social Work: Social workers are available 24 hours a day at Montefiore and can help you obtain medications that a patient cannot afford, get them a metrocard, and provide resources for domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug use.

Kathy L. Chuang, MD 2011 (modified by @em_stevemcguire)