EM Student FAQs

Emergency Medicine Medical Student Rotation


Welcome to the EM med student rotation at Jacobi and Montefiore Medical Center. We can guarantee that whether you are an Einstein student or a visiting student, you will learn a great deal during your 4 weeks here. Although your first day in the ER may seem intimidating and confusing, you will be surprised at how quickly you will get used to the system. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

General Rules to Working in the ER

1. Be on Time: This is a cardinal rule of emergency medicine. Once you are a resident and attending, you will have other people waiting for you to show up so that they can go home. Get into the habit now of arriving on time.

2. Take Ownership of Your Patients: This means calling any relevant consults, doing any relevant procedures, speaking to the patient’s families, looking up the labs, making sure they have gone to X-ray, etc. Do not leave this job to the resident or attending because you are “just a medical student.”

3.  Sign Out All Your Patients: Any patient who is physically in the Emergency Room (even if they are almost leaving or already admitted) must be signed out to a resident at the end of your shift.

4. Try not to Sign Out Procedures: You should always aim to finish any procedures that may be required prior to signing out your patient. This includes laceration repairs, pelvic exams, rectal exams, bedside ultrasounds, and calling consults and admitting the patient.


How to Present a Patient

Jacobi Medical Center ED Information

Other Important People to Know at Jacobi

All Cases must be discussed with attending or designated senior resident before giving medications or performing invasive procedures.

Calling Consultants

Admitting & Discharging Patients at JMC

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