Disposition at MMC

Admitting a Patient

Admitting to Medicine: The admission process at Montefiore is complicated, so do not be discouraged if you are not sure where a patient gets admitted to. Certain patients have primary physicians who admit privately, or to a hospitalist service. Others who do not have PMDs will get admitted to service. There is an online “Admit to List” that you can consult to figure out which medicine service a patient gets admitted to. Once you have figured out whom to admit to, you must write a sign out on the patient and then admit them on Carecast (your attending will show you how).

Some general rules:

–         All patients requiring telemetry are admitted to N6 or NW3T

–         All patients with PMDs who admit as privates are admitted to AO (under the PMD’s name). Their PMDs should be notified first.

–         All patients with PMDs who admit to hospitalist are admitted to AO (under the hospitalist on call’s name). The hospitalist should be text paged.

–         Certain nursing homes admit under private attendings.

–         Anybody who is under the care of a medicine resident or has no PMD is admitted to HS (Housestaff)

Admitting to Other Services: Once you have spoken with the appropriate service, you must get an attending name and then admit through CareCast.

Calling a Consult: You may text page certain services via the Intranet or dial the page operator at 8282. Please see prior information on “Calling Consultants

Discharging a Patient

Ask your attending or a resident how to print out discharge instructions either on Micromedex or on Lynx. Afterwards, explain all information to the patient and then sign on the chart. You should also indicate what time the patient was discharged and whether the patient was given any follow up appointments. In every chart, there should be a blue sheet that you will give to the patient to drop off with the discharge associate.

Kathy L. Chuang, MD 2011 (modified by @em_stevemcguire)