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Trauma bay

The EM rotation is a four week elective for fourth year students.  The rotation dates follow those of Einstien Medical School rotations.  Students will be rotating through the very busy EDs of Jacobi Medical Center and Montefiore Medical Center.  Students will have direct patient care responsibilities under the supervision of ED attendings and senior EM residents.  They will have the opportunity to evaluate and treat their own patients, perform procedures, and assist during resuscitations.  In addition to bedside teaching, students will get several hours of didactics (conferences and online lectures).  This rotation is valuable and educational to students interested in all fields, but particularly to those applying to Emergency Medicine.  There will be opportunity for students to get mentoring from the attendings who are all EM trained.

Requirements (a desire to learn+):

Recruitment Collage1

Read “EM student FAQs” from this site  before shifts

Attend all conferences on Wednesdays from 8am to 12pm

Go through the web-based series of core lectures for students

Take the web-based test (based on the lectures) before the end of the rotation

Show up for all shifts (schedule varies between the 2 sites but averages about 36 hours/week not including lectures and conferences)

Always sign out all your patients when leaving the ED (for break, lunch, end of shift, etc.)

Write up the charts on all your patients.

If you are not sure about anything, PLEASE ask.

Enjoy and learn!